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Aerials at sunset

Aerials don't bounce Sept 2007 Trophy

Welcome to the Cambridge & District Amateur Radio Club contesting and outdoor activities history site.  This is NOT the official CDARC web site, although for many years it was the only source of information and pleasingly much has been duplicated and used elsewhere.

The club now has a professionally run web site at CDARC web page visit there for more recent event and activities.   This site, amateur in comparison, is more of a record of the great times we had in the field, as such it is very much a work in progress, and will be updated from time to time.  If you can help with more or can identify any of the people, especially from the early years then please contact me.

History of club members on the Canals and Inland waterways, now 32 years and 33 trips (2018), still much to do too but more complete than this site.

Both sites are owned and maintained by David G6KWA,  the content is Copyright © G6KWA.  However material from either site may be used provided an acknowledgement is made.  Some of the photographs were taken by others but it is believed that their sources have been acknowledged and that permission was given to post them on the site.  Please contact me straight away if you feel this is not the case.

I really enjoy CDARC and have been privileged to serve on several Committees.  Committee awards received were the Granfield Trophy (3 times) for services to the club, the Davy lamp for a best talk and some of the special trophies over the years.  Aside from supporting the Committee members in all their various roles, I helped organize field and contesting weekends and social outdoor events, which I feel are at the heart of club life, do please consider what YOU can contribute to this or your local club.  The future of Amateur Radio lies with clubs and the RSGB and is founded on the volunteer ethic, as well as financial donation of course.

The Cambridge area is very active with radio clubs and contest groups, many of their current members having been members of CDARC and inspired by events, activities and talks at CDARC over the years.

CAMB-HAMS    Granta Contest Group    Cambridge University Wireless Society     G4ZAP/P the A1 Contest Group

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2019 Further club photographs in Pastfaces 2 link below, I have had a lot of feedback from Pastfaces 1, any and all feedback welcome.

Pastfaces 1, Club Photographs Early to 1970

(Feedback, additions and corrections to 2019, hopefully)

A big thank you to several people who have given corrections or additional information.   Unfortunately the file has been copied, made a PDF and displayed on the the Official CDARC site, which is fine, I am unable to amend the anotations on the official site though.  My apologies to the people who have taken the trouble to contact me and can't see the changes or informatoion updated on that site.  Some are listed below, with links to their memories and additional information, for others I have tried to amend the anotations, I hope correctly.  This site should show the latest information.

Allan Papworth G3WUW, who from club Cambeam, joined club around 1965.   Allan's memories   More from Allan   Yet more of Allan's memories

Chris Patterson, eldest grandson of Colin C H Washtell G3CJY. Chris' memories

Michael Andre Phillips remembers old university teacher and friend, the late Dr. Basil Briggs. Andre VK5AAP & ZL3AW  Follow up from Andre. More from Andre

John Worsnop G4BAO several memories.   G4BAO on Pye Group Castle Camps    More on Castle Camps    More from John

Note from Elisabeth and Daniel

Paul V Waton on his Father G3GGJ and other memories

Click on this link below for yet more memories

Pastfaces 2, Club Photographs 1970 to 1980 approximately

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