Paul Waton on his father G3GGJ and other memories

Hey David - good to see my father, Howard Waton, in photo 36!

Early '60s? Also there is Teilo "TAT" Davis, G2ALL, as you've noted. TAT were his initials, so he was commonly known as Tat. Several other names are familiar in other photos, including Colin Washtell. I was looking for Richard Thurlow, G3WW, but didn't recognize him in any of the images.

I visited Bletchley Park back in 2015 and was delighted to see a National High Frequency Receiver Model HRO in a display gets your attention when something your father had turns up in a museum exhibit!

I not sure, but I may have emailed you about this some years ago. Whatever, great trip down memory lane, thank you!


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So good hearing back from you David

Yes, the new official site is impressive - just checked it, and the old photos, with my recognizing only Colin Washtell. My father worked with him at Labgear, and then with his Electrotek venture. I went back through the photos on your site and realized Lawrence Jones in the first photo must be LW (as he was known) Jones, the former MD of Labgear. My father spent a lot of time helping "The Old Man" set up his equipment at his home, The Grange, Bottisham.

My father died back in 1982 at 57. My mother (ex-Bletchley Park) died last November at 95! At our behest, we had her write up her life story at around the time of her 90th, which is a great document - she was mentally on the ball to the end. Sadly no missive like that from my father, so my brother and I are piecing together a bio for him based on what we learned from our ma and other relatives, largely so Nick's family (I'm end of this line) has a record of his life.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it seems that when my parents first came to Cambridge in 1950, my father newly demobbed from RAF Coastal Command (and Goldfish!), was soon in touch with the "Radio Club". I remember growing up hearing about, and meeting, various people who they met through the Club, which clearly helped them find their feet in the city, and from which developed many long-term friendships. G3WW was one, and he was my Godfather. No need for you to go searching - I was just curious!

Congratulations on making it to 100 - all the best, and keep up the good work!


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