I strenuously deny that what I appear to be doing to Chris Lorek G4HCL (centre)
in Picture 41 is in any way illegal... ;-)

Yes it was Pye at Castle Camps c1975 I still have the colour originals. 

In picture 41, the guys sitting down are Peter Brown  G8GLB, and Keith Few G8JDQ
and on the far right, opposite side to Mike is Dave Allen G8LHD (of Camtech fame). 
The other two's callsigns escape me. I recall that  the guy standing up next to
Mike was from Huddersfield and built the original GB3HU repeater.
On 26 January 2012 17:19, Mike Brogan  wrote:

I think the last 4 are probably a Pye group field day at Castle Camps, think I
can see one or two familiar faces :)

Mike, g8jhe..............

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