Hi Dave,

40, 41 and 42 were Pye Telecom Group photos taken by Ron Whitby G8MEI at 
the 1977 144MHz open contest at Castle Camps. I have a number of colour 
(on paper)  shots  from the same contest if you want them to scan. Call 
me (01223 862480) and you can  pop over and have a look.

41 shows (L-R) Mike Brogan G8JHE, G8??? (from Huddersfield but I can't 
remember his name or call, Chris Lorek would know)  Pete Brown G8GLB 
(seated). I'm standing behind Chris Lorek G4HCL. Seated in front of 
Chris is Keith G8JDQ, next to Keith I recognise but can't put a name or 
call to him, and standing, far right is Dave Allen G8LHD. I remember the 
incident well, the reason we all look so amused, is that we were packing 
up in the last minute of the contest, but Pete insisted on working to 
the bitter end, and we were taking the piss by dismantling the tent 
around him!

I also have a few shots taken by Ron the same year when John G3UUT, Ron 
G8MEI , Han PA0NOS and I entered the 70MHz fixed station contest from 
Ditton Works.

Call me if you want those photos.



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