I was delighted to run across the old B+W pics of various past members
of the club.

Most of them were taken before I joined but I remember a lot of the
characters.. G2XV, G3IAG, G5BQ, G8PB, G5PB, G3GGK, G5JO,G8QM  and others
like G6WA that wasn't featured.
I particularly remembered that one of Stan G5BQ, he was one of the first
radio amateurs I met and I helped to put up the antennas that were on
the other end of the equipment shown in those pictures.( St Lukes, 47,
Warren Road, Cambridge!!)

I joined the club in the mid 60s. There are mentions of me and my father
in some of those old Cambeams that you have on the site.

I use to visit attend the club and field days in the 60s and early 70s.
Then I moved away to Reading so lost touch.

We live in Florida now but still have a house in Over.

I am due to retire in 2 years. I am not sure if we will come back to
Over to live but if we do then I will be a club member again.

Meanwhile what about a QSO on 10m??


Allan Papworth
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