Hi David,

> Thank you so much for the information, I will correct the master copies
and make sure that the club website is altered as well soon.  There are more
photographs which I will scan over the coming months, also I will look out
for any more references in the archives. (2016 note, unable at present to edit
CDARC PDF copies I still hope this will be done).

Thanks very much for that.

> We also had a response from his son, Dr Keith Briggs, who pointed out that
he was never a professor but he didn't say he was a Dr. so I will add that too.

His fellow Cambridge hams would have known that he was connected with
Ionospheric Physics studies at Cavendish Laboratory, and indeed his
Cambridge Ph.D. supervisor was none other the great Jack Ratcliffe who
essentially 'discovered' and defined the ionospheric layers and
general properties.

Wikipedia entry on Jack Ratcliffe

My guess is that the person who wrote "Prof" of the photos was either
not sure of Basil's academic title, or perhaps it was an affectionate
nickname.  I made some enquiries to see if the guy sitting next to
Basil in the photo was Ratcliffe, and it isn't.



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