Dear David,

I was intrigued to see an image of my old university teacher and
friend, the late Dr. Basil Briggs, at your webapge...

... image 29.  I can confirm that Basil is the operator sitting
furthest from the camera, and I don't know the identity of the other
chap.  As you are perhaps aware, Basil had a long and distinguished
career in ionospheric physics for which he had an intuitive
understanding undoubtedly assisted by his practical hands-on
experience with HF radio communication.  A brief bio of Basil's career
may be found at...

Brief bio of Basil's career

Basil's radio qualifications

FYI, attached are some records of Basil's radio qualifications which
may shed light on when your photo was taken.  You'll see that Basil
has the callsign '2FJD' when he joins the RSGB in 1939.  He then goes
on to obtain further radio operator qualifications in 1941.  Since
Basil appears to be operating in a Field Day situation in 'image 29',
I'm presuming this picture is post-war, probably 1950's, when he was
living and working in Cambridge.  If you should happen to come across
any other images or references to Basil in the CDARC archives, please
drop me a line.



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