Practical Wireless Low Power 144 MHz 2009

A very enjoyable time was had by all.  A glorious day at this RF quiet site.  As the photo shows we were using a Kenwood/Trio TS 780 powered from various solar panels, float charging a big leisure battery.  The mast was a scam 12 with a Tonna 17 ele and Mutek pre-amp.

The power was limited by a negative ALC voltage from a battery and careful setting up with a proper PEP meter.  To take account of different operators a Spectrum Communications speech processor and limiter was used.  Whilst this is just audio processing, the signal has a lot of punch, highly recommended for a low power contest station.

Final published results of our day out

G2XV/p made 1694 points with 77 QSO's and 22 Squares worked, our table position was 14/92, a very good result.  A lot to do with Lawrence I feel?

John, Ludo, Steve and Lawrence

Solar panels

Peter M0DCV having a go at operating

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