IOTA 2008

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Reports, Stats and Photos of our weekend

Well.... What a weekend.  Looking back it seems to have been the only hot and sunny one of the summer.  In fact it was too hot even at 11.00 pm the tent flaps were open, which was a mistake because the mossies , never before seen at the contest site, came in thick and fast to feed on our exposed flesh.

The final result of 4th in our section, show that all the hard work and preparation were worth it, our special thanks to Bob G3PJT for his encouragement in the weeks leading up to the event, his skill with the 254 CW contacts really made the difference to the final number of stations worked.

Our thanks also to David Leary G8JKV for towing the trailer and getting it back safely, also to the many members and guests who visited throughout the weekend.

Bob's report on the weekend

Raw scores per hour (before adudication)

Copy of log submitted

Here are the stats for our section

claimed final loss percent
qsos 492 472 4
mults 169 166 1.7
total score 624624 599592 4

Bob's Photos

Ludo and David

The Power Supply

David's Photos

watching aircaft

Bernie and Ian

Peter's Photos

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