Yet again another day out enjoying the delights of National Trust Wimpole and the Wimpole Church Fete.  Our thanks to Tessa and the Estate Office for making the arrangements, these photos, some from Steve Norman M3MVB, capture the day's events fun and enjoyment.  Aside from the Church Fete, our visitors explored the extensive grounds and the craft stalls in the courtyard, often to the music of the Waterbeach Brass Band, very enjoyable.

John Bonner G0GKP made the CDARC arrangements, we had 2 shortwave stations in operation.  It is especially good to get new operators on the mic and Belinda M3VSF was really keen to hone her natural skills under John's watchfull eye.  Yet another successs of the training program that John runs of behalf of CDARC.

The big question is, did Mike sort out that tangled mess?

johng0gkpandbelindam3vsftraining_small.jpg cdarcstand_small.jpg mikeg8vcnstevem3mvbbelindam3vsf_small.jpg cdarcstand2_small.jpg
peterm0dcvwiththedaveadheadschildren_small.jpg iang4akgandstevem3mvb_small.jpg feteview1_small.jpg feteview2_small.jpg
feteview3_small.jpg feteview4_small.jpg feterefreshmentsstand_small.jpg waterbeachbrassband1_small.jpg
waterbeachbrassband2_small.jpg waterbeachbrassband3_small.jpg waterbeachbrassband4_small.jpg randomwirelmatcher_small.jpg
twoshortwavestationsinactionm3mvbphoto_small.jpg brendaxylg8vcnandiang4akdm3mvbphoto_small.jpg concentrationm3mvbphoto_small.jpg mikeg8vcninatanglem3mvbphoto_small.jpg

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