Another great day out on the ridge near Wimpole, with a small team, enjoying the simplicity of the PW low power contest with paper logging, manual aerial rotation along with a solar and battery powered station.  The location has very low noise levels, so the modest 9 element tonna aerial and pre-amp really work well, in fact it is probably correct to say that the pre-amp was not necessary.  The trio TS-780 again proved to be an outstanding contest rig, the power output was reduced by putting a negative voltage on the external ALC connection from a battery and careful PEP power measurement was made on an accurate yet simple designed power meter, the design taken from the Microwave Technical Collection of the 80's.

The weather, although overcast most of the time remained dry, there was enough solar irradiation to keep the batteries charged though.  During the day we attracted interest from walkers and riders as well as several club members visited.  Other club members made contact during the day.

Our claimed results submitted were as follows: Number of QSOs made 78, in 6 countries and 19 locators, therefore overall score = 78 * 19 Multipliers is 1482 points

Best DX was MM0GPZ/P at 448 km in Locator IO85AK, Operator List, M1MPW: G0GKP: G0IJZ: G6KWA:

After adudication the final published results show a table position for G2XV/p of 21/80 with 72 contacts and 19 locators giving 1368 points.  A very good result indeed.

computerdeadarmstrongrotationbacktobasics_small.jpg cdarconsolarandbatterypowerverygreen_small.jpg theteamjoinedbystevem3mvb_small.jpg joinedbydavidg6kwa_small.jpg
mikeg8vcnandxylbrendawithmarkm1mpwoperating_small.jpg johntuningtheair_small.jpg pagesofcontactsnow_small.jpg goodthingitdidnotrainnicetidysite_small.jpg

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