Another good club weekend with great weather.  This year we entered 4m, 2m and 70cm in the low power section as usual.

The activity seemed lower than last year and we had various technical problems (read Damiel's great 4m write-up) and a shortage of operators.  2m, where for two years running we have been runner up, seemed especially quiet and we missed the best propagation.  The great surprise was 70 cm which did really well and we did not opeated for the full 16 hours.

Thank you to all who travelled, the event would not have taken place without you.  Thank you to David G8JKV for towing the trailer.

wheresthemicrophoneyouidiot_small.jpg itsworkingdavidg6kwa_small.jpg davidsg8jkvnewtoy_small.jpg wildlife_small.jpg
marting8ofa_small.jpg cmsattopofmast_small.jpg maerial_small.jpg roym1grthamishg0glj_small.jpg
arthurjeanandbobby_small.jpg thebeertentstevem3mvbxylbelinda_small.jpg danielandthenewclusteraerial_small.jpg mikeg8vcnandstevewiththeclusterstation_small.jpg
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