This years Trophy was so different.  Very high winds with gusts measured in Cambridge at well over 50 knots, must have been higher on top of the hill.  Along with rain and our usual crop of equipment troubles it was hard going at times.  The operating tent had extra lashing ropes and we used the trailer to offer some shelter as well as the hedge.  Several of the usual visitors were unable to make it, but Daniel and Elisabeth did.  Nick Ash and family turned up after the end of the contest, nice to see you Nick but next year please come earlier, we need you.

Actually, we did very well compare to many groups and managed to operate for most of the 24 hours.  Have a read of the comments on the VHF contest committee claimed scores site to see how bad it could have been!  It looks like we are 5th in the multi operator section of the contest, you can follow our progress here.

RSGB Contest Committee

A big thank you to the few who made this happen, you know who you are.

royhensonmireksutty_small.jpg setupmireksutty_small.jpg moresetupmireksutty_small.jpg clustersetup_small.jpg
danielworkingtherestmustbelookingfortheteapot_small.jpg elisabethabouttostranglemeatthestartofthecontest_small.jpg marcusdavid_small.jpg somethingfellover_small.jpg
matchingtheclusteraerialhairpinloopsetup_small.jpg wholeftthisropeinthismess_small.jpg eleover9elereadytopumpup_small.jpg danielgettingtheclustersoftwarerunning_small.jpg
danielsettinguptheg0gjvsoftware_small.jpg daviddoingrunningrepairs_small.jpg markloweringthe17elementafter5mstubmastbent_small.jpg mirekmarcusandsteve_small.jpg
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