Posted By Elisabeth (2E0DMR) (taken from the club latest news section).

Nice result for PW 2m Low Power Contest, at least that's what we (Daniel, David, Marcus and I) thought: 72 contacts, 18 locators and more than double last year's score at 1296 points.  The site was great, very low noise and beautiful views.  Although weather-wise it was somewhat windy and rather cold at times.  Still, weather was good enough to charge David's solar panels.  We also raised quite some interest with the walkers (and their dogs) and spent time explaining what we were doing and who we are.

David added:

The equipment used was a Yeasu FT290 mk1 (only 2.5 watts output) with an 8m portable mast and a 9 element Tonna yagi (the portable one).  All power was from the solar panels you can see in the photos float charging an 85 Ah leisure battery.  No regulator is used because the battery stabilises the volts in full sun to around 13.2 volts.  Perfect.

Marcus has always wanted to enter this contest and I am sure we will all be back next year!

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