Mills on-the-Air 2005

John Bonner G0GKP writes: "Once again, thanks to owners Sarah and Richard Cowley , we were able to operate from this pleasant site and it was good to see the continuing mill restoration.

Closeup of Sails

Using our G5RV, David's mast and club HF rig the station opened at 1015 (utc). The weather was quite good with a variable breeze rotating the mill sails quite vigorously at times. As usual, the home-made refreshments were worth being there for.

Mark Wooldridge M1MPW

Mike Addlesee M0BLP

John Bonner G0GKP

Five operators signed the log (some more than once,) and a total of 90 QSOs were made including 21 other mills, 2 VE day SE stations, and 2 EU stations.  80 m was good most of the time and was used for all but three calls which were on 40m.

Mr. Cowley is, following continued pressure from JB, about to apply for re-activation of his lapsed licence as G8FTE.  Thanks to the members who came and operated and, of course, our hosts.  The event was very successful once again.

Mill and Aerial

Additional comments:

For a change we put the mast in the center of the field and strung the G5RV East/West.  This certainly put the aerial more in the clear and seemed to result in better signal strengths.  It also had the effect of reducing the noise level into the receiver and the breakthrough on the audio system of the Mill computer.

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