John Bonner (G0GKP) reports on this years family weekend event at the Longstowe village hall.

"This was held at Longstowe as usual but, this year, on 14th August. Unfortunately, it wasn't very well attended but the impression is that those who did come enjoyed the event.  The weather started as not very good and got worse with continuous rain from before lunchtime until leaving time when the rain stopped, (was there a message here?).  Everyone's lunch looked very tasty and, as most of it dis-appeared, presumably it was.  The cabaret came from watching the housemartins and swallows feeding their young on the ground, in mid-air and in a couple of nests in the pavilion eaves.  The surprise here was that the young, having been fed in their nests, followed the parents out into the field and returned to the nest just in time to be fed again!

Four rigs were put on air with a variety of antennae including, for one rig, the mains earth ( an act of desperation or what?).  There was a lack of short co-ax cables and adaptors - (plan ahead) and three rigs had, for a time, to share one cable in turns!

Hopefully, a reasonable time was had by operators, their families and friends and that next year will be even better with more members present and with some sunshine."

Editors note: This is the beauty of the village hall at Longstowe, whatever the weather club members, family and friends can enjoy the day in the dry.  John forgot to mention that every time we tried to transmit on 160m with Thomas's rig the power tripped off.  This was interesting because the protection was provided by RCD rather than voltage trips.

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