It's a long time since the club made a serious entry in this contest and usually it falls on the same weekend as the Wimpole Church fete.  This year it was a week earlier and Mr & Mrs Wooldridge (Mark's parents) gave us permission to operate from the top of their 300 yard long garden which meets the quarry half way up Chapel Hill, Haslingfield.

We used my Scam 12 mast and 9 element Tonna with a 3m extension pole and Mutek pre-amp.  The club's Yaesu 225rd with power set to 2.5 W pep worked without any problems.

It was hard work moving the mast from my house and then up the hill with the aid of a garden tractor and trailer.  It was well worth it, twas a glorious day.  We came 52nd out of 86 entries, not very good but the five of us really enjoyed ourselves.   Many thanks to Mark's parents.

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