Mills on the Air 2003

John Bonner G0GKP our Hon Treasurer writes:

Once again we were invited to run a station for this event at Cattell's Windmill in Willingham.  Using the club IC751 to the G5RV as an inverted V on the 30 ft mast in its usual place, we operated from Clive's caravan next to the Visitor centre instead of in the centre as in previous years.  The comfort of this weekend shack has much to recommend it, the soft furnishings and warm sunshine having a soporific effect on the operators and Bertie the dog!

Group photo Saturday

Left to Right: John Bonner G0GKP, Roy Henson M1GRT, Mark Wooldridge M1MPW, Gordon Mallion, G0TZQ, Mike Addlesee M0BLP, Clive Hollins M5CHH with Bertie.

Refreshments by Mrs. Cowley, her family and friends were, as usual, worth turning up for and this year strawberry and cream teas were an irresistable addition to the menu, as you can see below!

Clive, Jimmy and Ron

Operating only on the 40 and 80 M bands, conditions were variable, but when good, were jammed with both contest and other special event stations, but a score of 21 Mill, 17 other UK and 4 EU stations was achieved by our several club operators present.  A couple of experimental hf antennae were erected and used but their results were not published.

John Bonner

Gordon Mallion

Mark Wooldridge and Gordon

An occasional breeze had the mill sails gently turning, a testimony to the hard work of the Richard, Sarah and family.  Once again, this event in a pleasant site was enjoyed by all and our thanks go to them for letting us play there.

Catell's Mill Willingham

If you look carefully you will see John at the window.

Our thanks to John and Clive and others for making this another great field event at the Cambridge Club to kick off the year with.  If this is an example of what we have in store this year we are in for a great time.

If you would like high quality copies, I can oblige (G6KWA).

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