2002 Mills On The Air Weekend

John Bonner gave the following information.

Mills on the Air weekend was run at Cattell's Mill, Willingham for the fourth year using, as usual, the club HF rig to our G5RV on the 30 ft. Clark mast.  Later two of the micro-wave boys turned up and played in the milltower.   Conditions were not brilliant with 80 being largely dead and 40 so full of continental mush and UK stations all overlapping, it was difficult to get in and stay in!   However, 20 other mill stations and one Dutch scout site in Arnhem were qso'd with nothing worse than 5/7 but qrm on the side.  Operators were John, Gordon, Mike A., Ian and Graham plus one whose writing I can't read!

Cards were in the post next day and incoming cards have begun to trickle in. The highlight of being there is the nice "shack", but mostly the on site catering.

The following added by David G6KWA

The Microwave 10GHz WBFM contact refered to above was made one-way to the Bar Hill trig point where G6KWA was set-up.   Confirmation of the contact was relayed via mobile phone (just like the narrow boat!) back to M0BLP who was at the top platform of the mill with his gear.   It is probably 18 years since I operated from this trig point and in that time the trees have grown as well as houses in all directions. The contact was made with my dish pointing straight through a house across the road towards Willingham.

If anybody has any photos of the event can they let me know so that I can include them here.

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