Longstowe Barbeque 2002

Thanks to Miep Benton for arranging our use of the village pavilion for a whole day.  What more can you want?  Good company, food and activities such askite flying, rounders (rules vary each year and always plenty of cheating) and if you want, short-wave radio as well.

The setting is wonderful, it could be straight out the 1930's,quintessentially English.  It was pleasing to find the CDARC memorial bench, dedicated to George Benton G0OEL taking pride of place in the officials changing room.

Excellent venue, excellent turnout

Well done and thank you to Ian Alexander for sweating over the hot coals and to John Bonner for getting such fine meats from his local butcher.  The garlic bread, cold buffet, salads and huge array of homemade sweets caused some difficulty with the team selection for the now traditional game of rounders.  Nobody wanted to play straight away!  However, the clean-up squad, Bertie (Clive and Sonja's spaniel), ensured that little went to waste.

As you can see we enjoyed good weather

Clive getting his kite ready for launch

I am looking forward to next year already but because we have lost several of the helpers we will probably have to change the day to "bring your own picnic" but the venue and activities, it is hoped, will remain the same.

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