2000 2m RSGB Trophy and IARU Region 1 Contest

Looking at the RSGB contests result page we are listed as follows.

Good results for a club our size, 7th out of 15th in the multi-operator section, 258 contacts, 64238 points, best DX GM0HTT in IO89JC at 798 Kms.  We are shown as running 250 W (optimistic) so were using the Nag Linear.  The first image shows that we were using the 2*17 ele and 1*17 ele Tonna Yagi aerial configuration on the 40 foot military masts.

The following photographs have just been found in 2012 of what looks like another great weekend at the Fulbourn contest site.


The Yaesu Ft 225 with Mutek and the co-axial relay for aerial switching, with one operator Steve G4WSZ, and two loggers, Mike G8VCN and John G0GKP.

Steve, Mike and John

Essential healthy contest foods are plentiful supplies of Doughnuts.  Note the screwdriver for mast direction indication.


Pack-up photo

Left to Right, Graham Hanson G0UUS, David Glazebrook M3DAG, John Parmenter G0TIL, Dr Mike Addlesee M0BLP, Steve Platt G4WSZ, in front Colin Havercroft G8CTX, then Bob Grimes G0GVZ, John Bonner G0GKP, Mike Newport G8VCN and Mike Rhenius G1VJG.

Pack up photo

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