144 Mhz Trophy 1999

This year we used the garden of the Field Study site at Wandlebury, this time no bees!  Photographs by Martin G8OFA.

It was also sadly the last time we used the trailer mast and the square 4-17 element Tonna array.  It was a very hot day, you can see that the tent sides are open as much as possible.

With the increased diffiulty in finding somebody to tow the trailer, lack of maintenance and a need to find a new home for it, shortly after this event the committee made the reluctant decision to dispose of our faithful trailer, it having given many years stirling service.  It did go to a contest group at a knockdown price.

A good result, we came 9th out of 16 in the open section with 71847 points, 327 contacts, 4*17 element Tonna with 200W to feeder, Best DX SK7MW JO65MJ 916 Km

Trailer Mastand 4*17 ele array

Left to right - Susan, John, Belinda, Lucy and Bob

Checking all the kit is there, our old faithfuls, the FT 225 and the Nag

John's find

John's new hobby, he did a bit of metal detecting (with permission) and is very proud of his find.  That's Mike Rhenius in the background holding up the rubbish bag.

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