1998 144 Mhz Trophy

This year we used the garden of the Field Study site at Wandlebury, no bee problems this year  Photographs by dmk.

Results, well we came 13/16 in the bigs boys multi-operater section M.  Adjudicated score was 57085 points with 286 contacts form JO02CD.  Best Dx was EA2LU/p at 1021 Km.  The report written at the time for the contest results page at the RSGB was: "G2XV in Cambs reported that the tents and paperwork were still wet by the time their entry was sent in."

It was very wet, although on top of a chalk hill, it got very muddy in the field.

The club Trailer Mast and 2-17 element Tonna array, and Mike's Trailer Mast with 1-17 element Tonna.

Deb time for the girls

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