92 Trophy Castle Camps

Note: I am not sure of the source of the photos, I believe they came from a disc that David Leary produced from various sources.  If you think you should have credit for these, please get in contact, I will gladly acknowledge.  Also there is some doubt about the actual year these belong to, could be 1993, by '94 the trailer tow hitch had been extended, again this date is subject for revision.  I remember even with the long wheelbase Landrover that George had , this tower was a pig to tow, the balance was all wrong.

Adjudicators report, published in January 1993 Rad Com. (Edited)

Conditions described as poor to average.  Complaints of bad signal quality - with a reminder of the 400 W max feed to array, not each antenna.  Suggested , as was previously agreed at a meeting of the VHFCC on 7/10/92, that high power stations could inspect each other during the contests and listen to complaints, since he could do little after the contest.

Ed note: It's interesting that when a lot more of the stations, especially leading ones, are affected by strong signals rather than actual poor signals, there is a call for action.  Back in '86 we were disqualified for what in hindsight was clearly a case of strong signal performance as described in this adjudicators report.  Not what you know, but who you know ain't it.  We were given no right of appeal either.

The results showed a table position, in the open (big boys) section, of 9/19 with 3173 points from 305 contacts, running 250W (so I am sure the Nag Linear) to the feeder in the tent.  The 4 way power splitter fed 4 * 17 element Tonna aerials.  From memory the feeders were RG213 (quite lossy). I think we had a Mutek Gasfet Pre-amp at the splitter , so we probably could hear better than be heard, in the bedlem of what is known as Kilowatt Alley in the near continent.  Best DX was DF3XD at 743 Km.  A good result for the club nevertheless.

Notice the attention to PPE, with 2 civil engineers and a construction Electricians Mate on site (George and Nick and David), what would you expect?

Variously seen in the following, George Benton G0OEL, Gordon Mallion BEM G0TZQ, Nick Ash G6ASH, David King G6KWA, John Parmenter G0TIL, Mike Newport G8VCN and Bob Pettit









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