VHF NFD 1990

On checking the RSGB Rad Com disc for the results for this contest, published in December 1990, I found that we had no results listed this year, '89 and '91 do have entries.  I have confirmed, since photos appear in a series of events on the negatives, that the year is 1990.  Can anybody reading this recall why our entry does not appear?

Pete G4CLA has very kindly confirmed that at least 2 of our callsigns appear in his logs for this weekend, so for sure we did take part.

Adjudication around this time was very strict, perhaps we missed the deadline, there was no mention of disqualification in the listings.  However there was a piece during the year from the adjudicators warning of poor attention to cover sheets, sections entered and rules broken, with a warning of heavy points deduction or entries just failing to appear as a result of these errors.

It looks to be a very well equiped and supported event with the 4 stations, 5 if aerials were swopped for 6m Saturday to 4m Sunday.

Packed ready to go

Site View North

Tony Shacklock G0OEG

Running repairs, Gordon G0TZQ and John G0TIL

Mike G8VCN and Hamish G0GLJ

End of contest

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