144 Mhz Trophy Castle Camps 1989

Results published in Jan 1990 Rad Com show our adjudicated position as 13/32, 3768 points, 369 contacts, the best DX being 810 km.  The table does not show the power being used or the rig, as it sometimes does.  Further information is always welcome.

The following 2 photos are from Steve who along with Angela identified the year.

Erection in progress

You will notice that Brian is pointing to a plaster on the Baby Bear's arm.  His or her name is Charlie according to a note I found in the contesting file.  What is not clear is which of the two, Nick Ash or Bian Wilson is the owner, or, did they steal Baby Bear from Steve and Angela's children? 

POSTSCRIPT:  Steve Platt G4WSZ has confirmed that "Charlie" belonged to Belinda, the Platts eldest daughter.  They did indeed kidnap Charlie.

Charlie, Brian and Nick

These next five from DK

Site shot

The Platts

Erected and working

Is it vertical?

Packing up or setting up?

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