Practical Wireless 2m QRP Wandlebury 86

Brian Davy, G4TRO, managed to get permission again for CDARC, using the G8EVY/A call, to hold the PW QRP contest from the field study cottage at Wandlebury.  Final core was 2432 points giving a position of 51/158.  Leading station in JO02

This really is an all weather facility and perfect location for a relaxed VHF contest.

As can be seen below this was a well supported day out with a H.F. station operating as well, using the newely acquired Yaesu FT77 and ATU from Amcom, with a six month guarantee because it was for a club.  I am gussing that G2XV/A was used for the H.F. station?  A Microwave demonstration was provided by G8OFA.

Teamwork, Ray Hills G0BDA, Chris Muten G0FUZ, Ted Chapman G1ALF

H.F. in the sun, Ron G3BKR, Mike G8VCN, Brian G0KFQ, John G4ZZJ

Brian G4TRO, Max G0HEZ, Ron G3KBR, not sure

And some 10 Ghz Wideband FM as well, this is the Practical Wireless dish, with penny feed on the end of the waveguide.

Ted Chapman G1ALF, Martin G8OFA

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