86 VHF NFD Chapel Hill

The contest took place at Chapel Hill again, this time with no split location like last year, being situated at the top of the hill should have improved final positions in the tables for two of the stations, but did it?  Five band entries were possible, an experimental introduction of 2320 Mhz was included in the microwave section, we did not have equipment for this band available so had to make do with just a 1296 Mhz entry.

Normalised adjudicated scores published in October 86 Rad Com showed a table position, in the restricted section, of 26/59, with 1311 points, the leading station gaining 3317. Individual band results as below.

70 Mhz, using G2XV/P, 34/37 with 50 QSOs in the CW section with 257 points and 39 QSOs with 210 points in the SSB section, best DX GM3WOJ/P at 428 Kms.

144 Mhz, using G8EVY/P, 32/58 with 1142 points from 167 QSOs, best DX DL0WN at 607 Kms.

432 Mhz using G6ASM/P, 23/47 with 426 points from 85 QSOs, best DX DL0KK/P at 516 Kms.

1296 Mhz using G6KWA/P, 17/29 with 140 points from 32 QSOs, a QRP station of 0.5W (acording to the published results) to a 55 element yagi.

Apologies for this poor quality scan, off a third of a negative, often used to happen at the start of a film if not wound on enough.  Clearly at the start of the contest it had been/was raining.  All smiles though.

Ray Hills G0BDA and Brian Davy G4TRO

John G6UGI hard at it

144 MHz and 70 Mhz 17 ele Tonna and 70 Mhz 4 ele yagi stations

1296 Mhz 55 ele Tonna, short pole, IF checker (144 Mhz), 432 Mhz 19 element Tonna

Ray G0BDA and Nick G6ASH

Howard G0AYE, Wilf G3BYW, Max G6UXI/G4WEZ

Brian G6YAD/G0KFQ, Simon G6RWT


Frank Peacock G4ZVT

Ted G1ALF, Jon G6KWK

The four stations from South

Brian G6YAD what not beer?

Four stations from north

????, Max G4WEZ, Chris Muten G1DQN

Nick G6ASH bright and bushy tailed

David G6KWA

Take Down underway

Pack up group shot

Left to Right - Howard G0AYE, John G6UGI, Brian G6YAD, Ray G0BDA, Nick G6ASH, Ted G1ALF, Chris G1DQN, Mike G8VCN, Max G4WEZ, Brian G4TRO, Jon G6KWK and kneeling David G6KWA.

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