Practical Wireless 2m QRP Wandlebury 1985

It is possible that the 85 and 86 photograph could be in the wrong years.  Their current placing is based on a corrected date on a photo back, the CDRAC "Bygones 1970s and 1980s" recently added to the club front page.  Do correct if you know better and/or have more photos please.

Brian Davy, G4TRO, managed to get permission for CDARC, using the G2XV/A call, to hold the PW QRP contest from the field study cottage at Wandlebury.  Final core was 2500 points giving a position of 65/199.

It might have taken six of the best to erect the beast of a 14 element Jaybeam aerial, but we did it.  The Telescopic mast belonged to KWA, once raised and the 16 guys pegged the erection was stable.  Rotation of the mast in the guy rings allowed aerial rotation manually.  From previous experience when using these well built aerials two telescopic props made by John, G0TIL, were used to support the aerial while the clamps were positioned correctly.

As can be seen, erection and I can confirm, collapse of the mast was a "bit hairy".  That mast was never intended to take such a load, young men!

Telescopic mast and Jaybeam aerial

John G0TIL, Max Westley G4WEZ, up ladder David G6KWA, Mike G8VCN, Nick Ash G6ASH and Howard G0AYE

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