1985 Trophy

The contest was held, as usual, at Castle Camps.  There are a large number of photos aside from mine showing one or two Jaybeam 16 element yagis.  As far as I can prove '83, '84, and '86 pages are correct, so I can only think that we tried to put two Jaybeams aloft, in the end settling for one, as recorded in Radcom for 1985 results published in Jan 86.  Placing was 27/48 entries 5297 points, 521 contacts, best dx 1096 Km, using 22dbW output.  I think we were using G6TUS's BNOS linear driven from perhaps the Yaesu 221?  Also in the site shot notice that the mast is not extended, the height is provided by 3 poles, again any information on this please?

Since this page was written the CDARC site has many new photos of this AND lots of other events on the club history pages.

All photos DK except first unknown, from club album.  Mouse hover for photo details as usual.

The props in use

so far so good

almost vertical

Mike extending

Site with 16 ele Jaybeam + 13 ele HB (kwa)

The tent frame puzzle

Henry on the checklog

Ray operating, Brian logging, Nick, Richard, Max and Henry on checklog

The group

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