1984 144 Mhz RSGB Trophy and IARU contest

1984 Pack-up photo castle Camps
In order as the heads appear left to right : Martin Cranage G8OFA, Richard G6TUS, Steve Blunt G8CRB, Brian Davy G4TRO, David Leary G8JKV, Sarah Leary, Davidís XYL, Ron Huntsman G3KBR, John Parmenter G6UGI (later G0TIL), Ron Huntsmanís son, Max Westley G4WEZ, Brian Roberts G6CPH (later G4VYG), G6KQW Henry Lickorish, Brian Wilson G6YAD (later G0KFQ), Jonathan Gavin G6KWK, Chris Muten G0FUZ, Mike Newport G8VCN, David King G6KWA, Ted Chapman G1ALF, (later 2E0ANF and then M5ALF), Howard Slater G6XBT (later G0AYE), Nick Ash G6ASH.†

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Extract taken from the October 1984 Cambeam (Ed Steve G4WSZ) read as follows:
In the recent IARU Region 1 contest (and 144 Mhz Trophy) the club had more success than in previous years.  This means it didn't rain.  Stop press information from Martin (G8OFA) was that the claimed score for the IARU was 154,883 km: there were 556 complete contacts plus 10 duplicates.  The best DX was EA3ADW (1098 km), in BC56b square.  In the 144 MHz Trophy, the claimed score was 6176 (based on the radial system of scoring).

Acknowledgements especially go to Brian Roberts for last minute "alignment" of the FT221R, Richard (G6TUS) for the loan of the linear, Dave Leary for fitting the Mutek front end (not to his Land-Rover) and to Dave King for the back up station and aerial switch box: which allowed us to DX the repeaters during quiet moments (a joke).

Last but not lost, go thanks to everyone who turned up in any shape (even after a 2 hour cycle ride? ...Ed) or format: especially them with the vans with the cups of tea in!

The following 2 pics are thought to be from Brian Wilson.

Site shot

Site shot

The following photos from DK

Relaxing in sun

Martin and Sarah

Operating team

Operating team

Operating team

Group shot at operating tent

Social and mess area

Packing up

Nearly full, David K

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