1984 (near) Baits Bite Lock Fox Hunt (Radio Direction Finding)

Photos from Brian Wilson's (G6YAD then G0KFQ) slides.  Thanks to Steve (G4WSZ) for dating the event to 1984, he further recalls that Mike Newport's party arrived on the wrong side of the river.  I do recall that I had poached a large trout and served it cold, there was enough to feed all who wanted a piece, a great picnic site.  The "Fox" G8OFA/p was succesfully located in 98 mins by G6KWA for first place.

Further to the above, I have pieced together several bits of information from various Cambeam articles.  The programmed Fox Hunt was the 29th April, the Fox, who now can be revealed as Martin G8OFA with Janet G8RHC (XYL) posponed to the 24th June 1984.

I reproduce below the Cambeam article written in the December 1984 issue by John, G6UGI, titled "Fox Hunting".

"Did you turn out for last summer's Fox Hunt?  I would recommend it to anyone who would enjoy going slowly mad motoring (and walking) around Cambridgeshire on a hot summer's afternoon.  There was only one huntsman who actually flipped his lid.  This happened when Mike (G8VCN) with family and picnic basket arrived at the Fox's QTH with one slight problem - the river Cam was between him and the lair, with no crossing points to be seen.  He eventually arrived as Brian (G6YAD) was sinking the last of the cider and Dave (G6KWA) was feeding cold trout to the multitude.

As previously reported Nick Ash (G6ASH) was using some pretty sophisticated equipment which I believe won him the prize at the constructors' evening in 1983.

Our team came second with some help from the Fox (Martin G8OFA) and a gentlemanly gesture from Steve (G4WSZ), who avoided riding us down on a footpath as we legged it to the lair (the team was: Ted G1ALF, Brian (G6YAD) and the writer.)".........

The article continues with a description of principles and circuit with construction details of G4BBR'S DF unit.

D F Hunt
D F Hunt
D F Hunt
D F Hunt

So there we are, another bit of history of CDARC for you to enjoy.  Just need the exact location now please.

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