1983 Fox Hunt (Radio Direction Finding) Wandlebury

From December 1983 Cambeam

"Nick Ash (G6ASH) and I had an initially peaceful afternoon on August 14th, interrupted by Martin Cranage (G8OFA) and Janet (G8RHC) who win this year's fox-hunt trophy (which few people have actually seen) in 1 hour 21 minutes.   They were closely followed an hour or so later by Dave King's, who had previously passed Nick and I as we were driving to the hideout!  Peter Robinson's team (of two or three?) were called back while trying to defect to the Haverhill club; and all and sundry proceeded to Wandlebury for the picnic.  The afternoon's entertainments were not yet over however, as we played a variety of games including floppy-frisby and even managed some bird spotting (see Dave King for details)."

Ed.   This I believe is a reference to some scantily dressed young ladies, thought to be nurses, playing with frisbies in the long grass, our own frisby becomming much less floopy of course.

G6ASH/p was using F3E modulation form an IC2E set at 150mW output to a 7/8 wave vertical.

Photos from club album, source unknown.

Steve G4WSZ, Janet G8RHC, Martin G8OFA

Picnic Group

Picnic Group

The Fox, Nick G6ASH

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