1983 Fox Hunt (Radio Direction Finding) Wandlebury

From December 1983 Cambeam

"Nick Ash (G6ASH) and I had an initially peaceful afternoon on August 14th, interrupted by Martin Cranage (G8OFA) and Janet (G8RHC) who win this year's fox-hunt trophy (which few people have actually seen).  They were closely followed an hour or so later by Dave King's team, who had previously passed Nick and I as we were driving to the hideout!  Peter Robinson's team (of two or three?) were called back while trying to defect to the Haverhill club; and all and sundry proceeded to Wandlebury for the picnic.  The afternoon's entertainments were not yet over however, as we played a variety of games including floppy-frisby and even managed some bird spotting (see Dave King for details)."

Ed.   This I believe is a reference to some scantily dressed young ladies, thought to be nurses, playing with frisbies in the long grass, our own frisby becomming much less floopy of course.

Photos from club album, source unknown.

Steve G4WSZ, Janet G8RHC, Martin G8OFA

Picnic Group

The Fox, Nick G6ASH

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