1982 144 Mhz Trophy

From Cambeam archives the club entered a contest in September, assumed to be the RSGB Trophy.  So far no other records or results have been found.  There is no club listing in the results published in Feb 83 Rad Com.  What's the story, anybody remember?

Here are the extracts from Cambeam Issue 0.5 December 1982, Editor Steve G6AZI (with an explanation as to why it was called issue 0.5).

"The dreaded CONTEST happened, so I am told, although if the club entered you'd expect there to be some entries in the club's log book, now wouldn't you?  Come on, someone must have the details***!  Paul provided a home-brew yagi and , I believe, a linear amplifier; and Geoff and Brian put in a sterling effort, thanks to everyone who turned up or otherwise helped."

An an additional footnote later inserted.

"*** I have since heard that G8JLV has provided a new log-book and filled in the details, thank you Dave !"

More info required please.

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