82 August Fox Hunt

The Fox hunt took place on the 6th August, Cambeam Issue 0.5 (yes, that's correct) as written details follow.

"I can't NOT mention the very successful fox-hunt held on the 6th Auguist, with a certain G6AZI as the fox.  On the other hand it is difficult TO mention it, as I won again.  Now that may not seem very special to some of you, until I point out that the winner of one fox-hunt becomes the fox for the next one.  Think about it.

Mike drove past me twice, my bike parked by the roadside for all to see.  Another team who I won't upset by mentioning (sorry) had me triangulated on the top of the Gogs (a lot of people would like worse things to happen to me); until they got there and I wasn't!  I think that the only person who knew where I was, was Paul G8GML, who had pointed his beam at me and guessed. Just because I was only using 2 watts hand portable!"

More information needed please.

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