144 Mhz Trophy 1981 Castle Camps

Taken from October 1981 Cambeam (Editor david Leary G8JKV).

"The 2m contest was held over the weekend of 5-6 September, at Moat Farm, Castle Camps - courtesey of Mr Haylock.  The weather was splendid, in fact too warm at times, this helped make the event a great success.  The station ran the full 24 hours of the contest, the only mishaps being the overheating of the linear P.S.U. and the breaking of the generator petrol tank straps, this was repaired by Martyn, G3WOT with elastic straps.

The aerial was a six element quad at about 50 foot.  Great fun was had raising and lowering the mast which waved about wildly despite lots of guys and pulleys.

The Secretary's thanks to those who took part or lent equipment.  We learnt a lot from this event and hope to do better next time.  After a lot of calculations the final score came out to about 2600 (I'm afraid I have forgotton the exact amount).  However, the winning station last year scored over 12,000.  Still we are in there somewhere.  Those attending were forced to contribute to a collection for the farmer and he was presented with a 1/2 bottle whisky and some Babycham for his wife.  Note this was the cheapest contest we have entered as the only cost was a few stamps.  No one has submitted any claims for anything else (if you are thinking of doing so, it's too late !!!)"

Results from Dec 81 Rad Com - G2XV/p 2589 points from 412 QSO's giving a table position of 45/66.

The following photographs have been found by David Leary G8JKV.  David says he didn't take them, so who was the photographer?

Who are the other people?

Mark Huntsman,  Unknown,   Martin Cranage G8OFA,  Unknown,  David Leary G8JKV,  Brian Davy G4TRO

Group Photo




Three shots of the mast which is the same type as the club still owns, but rarely uses since we now have the pump up Scams.  The one big difference is that you can see David with the lifting device that we so longed to have.  No hinging with Gin poles, just adding 4 foot sections at a time.  Also the use of a gas cylinder as small steps should be noted.  Who are the two people in the foreground of the second photo?

Unknown, Arthur Cullington G3HEZ, Martin Cranage G8OFA

Close up of operating

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