144 Mhz Trophy 1981 Castle Camps

The following photographs have been found by David Leary G8JKV and show the "good old days" at Castle Camps.  David says he didn't take them, so who was the photographer?

Who are the other people?

Mark Huntsman,  Unknown,   Martin Cranage G8OFA,  Unknown,  David Leary G8JKV,  Brian Davy G4TRO

Group Photo




Three shots of the mast which is the same type as the club still owns, but rarely uses since we now have the pump up Scams.  The one big difference is that you can see David with the lifting device that we so longed to have.  No hinging with Gin poles, just adding 4 foot sections at a time.  Also the use of a gas cylinder as small steps should be noted.  Who are the two people in the foreground of the second photo?

In the third picture that looks like a cubical quad.   Does anybody know how many elements?.  I would like to try one of these sometime, has anybody got a view as to whether this is better for a given size than a yagi?   The club used to do rather well back then.

Unknown, Arthur Cullington G3HEZ, Martin Cranage G8OFA

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