25th July 1981 Haslingfield FD

Reproduced from Cambeam October 1981 (Ed David G8JKV) by Wilfred Dunell

The Club Field Day at Haslingfield on 25th July was quite a success.  Fifteen members turned up, and with their families made a total attendance of about thirty.  The weather was just about perfect and by 2 p.m. two stations, G2XV on H.F. and G8JKV on 2m, were on the air and operating.  A steady stream of contacts all the afternoon kept up the interest in both stations.

G2XV in one tent was using the club FT250 H.F. rig and the Club's 14 - 21 -28 MHz and 3.8 MHz trapped dipoles, operating from a nearby mains supply.

G8JKV in the other tent used the Club's ICOM 245 into an eight element Yagi atop a 30 foot telescopic mast, borrowed for the occasion.  This station operated from the Club's petrol generator which ran perfectly all the afternoon after a rocky start when it apparently would only deliver about 3 volts.  However, in Dave Leary's capable hands this was soon found to be due to a lack of field current and quickly cured.

The children seemed to find the site an ideal picnic place and in fact it proved to be a very enjoyable day for everyone, even though somewhat bewildering to the good people of Haslingfield, some of whom on seeing our notices signposting the entrance wanted to know what the word CDARC meant and what language it was.

Grateful thanks to G3BYW, G4AKD, G8JKV, G8VCN, G6AZI, Brian Davy and Mark Huntsman.

The Club should like to thank Wilfred Dunell and his wife for the use of their field for this occasion.

HF station

VHF station

VHF station

I can see Bren and Mike Newport, Sarah Leary, Steve Platt and David Wilcox.  Who else?

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