G2XV establishes at Colleridge Community College

In December 1989 following the loss of the meeting room and shack at the A.T.C. Headquarters, the club found itself homeless.  David Wilcox G2FKS was lead in finding our present (2020) home with the use of the Tower room.  The first meeting was held on the 1st February 1980 (full details in the CDARC February 1980 Newsletter).

Tower room tidy up and painting parties were organised by Martin Meads and co, David Wilcox donated a desk for the operating position and generous gifts of a pair of Eddystone Communicatios Receivers with a HF Synthesiser were made by Bill G8XLE.

Pastfaces 2 at the bottom of the main page has some excellent photos of the shack preparations.

1980 Contests and Activities

From June Cambeam.  At the Coleridge Sale on 22nd March the club put on an exhibition station.  Two HF stations, G2XV mainly operated by G8VCN and G2FKS (David)  There was a VHF station, but a lack of operators meant little used.  There was a Teleprinter and CCTV in operation. Although not the ideal event for a exhibition station, it was of interest to the visitors and valuable experience was gained for future efforts.

From June Cambeam.  "The first Foxhunt of the year was held within 7 miles of Linton.  The Fox, G8VCN (Mike) and G8TKN (Phil) assisting, were eventually found by Harry G8TGL and John G4JRC in the pub car park at Balsham, hiding behind a rubbish skip.  Seven teams took part and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves, even the Cambeam scribe who ended up 5 miles in the wrong direction!"

From October Cambeam.  "The club did not take part in any contests this year, we intend to participate in the HF field day and the VHF field day in the coming year"

22nd November the Coleridge Community College held a Christmas Bazaar, the club putting on an exhibition station of various amateur radio related activities and projects bought along by members.

G2XV begins operation again from the Tower Room, after a metal cabinet donated by Martin G3WOT had been taken to the upstairs in two pieces and welded back together, this was to house the club station.

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